Final round (03-Dec-2016)

  • Top 3 winners of the Qualifiers from each of the Venues will compete in the Finals at Bangalore
  • Limited coverage of Travel and Accommodation costs for Qualifiers will be made available
  • Syllabus for the Final round will be announced in Nov 2016

Competition Format

  • Written Round : Participants will be asked to Interpret and Write down “Indian Sign Language Signs” performed by an Expert or by using Online / Video resources (Weightage : 15 marks)
  • Oral Round : Participants will be asked to communicate Sentences, Essays, etc to an Expert Judge Panel using “Indian Sign Language” (Weightage : 5 marks )
  • Pair-Up Round : Participants will be paired up with Children with Hearing impairments and will be asked to communicate to each other using some real-life scenarios provided by the Expert Judge Panel (Weightage : 5 marks )
  • Total marks are added up to declare the Top 3 Prize winners

Note : Venue for this event is yet to be confirmed